Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Four Corners Dish Cloth

In my quest to knit ALL of the dish cloths I have patterns for, here is the latest:

You can find the pattern here. It's a lot of fun to knit and knits up fast. I'm already thinking about pulling some more variegated yarns out to play with since they work so nicely. I'm also thinking about trying some self-striping to see what the effect would be.

The dish cloth in the picture is not blocked but I still think it looks great. Right now I'm working on "A Christmas Story" as it was next in line in my folder ("4 Corners" came before "A Christmas Story" because of the number in the title). I will post when it's complete.

I'm also working on the sweater for Zoe (like George's) and the black pair of arm warmers for my sister. Bouncing back and forth keeps me from getting bored and they move along instead of becoming UFO's.

Will post photos when done.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


That's pretty much how I feel right now. I think I'm coming down with a cold. It's floating around our little community and though I've tried to stay away from people who have it apparently it didn't work.

It doesn't help matters any that the Humira suppresses my immune system, so I'm anxious about getting a cold - or anything for that matter. I woke up with a slight sore throat and at the end of the day I'm getting those runny eyes, sore throat, beginning of a runny nose signs that tell me a cold is imminent. I'm hoping to get rid of it fairly quickly, but the people I know who have or have had it said it doesn't shake that quickly. GREAT!!! Just what I needed.

However, the Humira is working way better than I expected. I gave myself my third injection last Friday. I had a follow-up doctor appointment and he was thrilled that it seems to be working so well for me. So am I. The only thing I can think of is that I bruise a little easier now. I'm going to call one of the nurses to discuss that, but I think it's to be expected.

Actually one other thing that tells me it's really working is the weight gain I'm experiencing. I'm actually going to have to start watching how much I eat. It was an eat whatever I can to get some nutrients and now it's watch what I'm eating because I'm gaining too much weight. I'm not really complaining, but the weight always goes to my bust and my butt first and I feel like I'm carrying a whole other body on my rear end when I walk. I can feel the darned thing moving back there and I don't like it any more. Ms. Lopez and Ms. Kardashian can keep it all to themselves, I want my big butt gone again.

It's amazing to me how heavy that extra weight is. I can't believe I carried that around for so long and was used to it. I can't stand it now. Of course, nibbling on candy corn (as I'm doing as I type this) isn't helping any.

Oh well, there are worse things that could be happening to me right now and I am grateful beyond words that the Humira is working for me right now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blue arm sleeves

Here are the blue arm sleeves that were made for my sister Lory. They are a little shorter than the green ones, but they work for her as well.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dish Cloth update

Here are two of the dishcloths I knitted while knitting the sleeves. The first is from the Starfish pattern:

I used the Sugar n Cream Pinky Stripes. I love the self striping yarns from Sugar n Cream. I must get more!

The second one is called Dishpan Bubbles. This pattern was so much fun to make and very easy. It is a purchased pattern from When I saw it, I had to have it. I love the way the variegated yarn works in this pattern.

That's it for now. There were others (a DW cloth made with Sugar & Cream Fairy Tales) and a windowpane pattern that I don't think will show up well on camera.

Lory's sleeves

Well after months of knitting (knitting a little, putting them down, knitting again, putting them down), some frogging and finally getting threatened to get them done "or else", I finished two pairs of the Silk Sleeves from "One Skein" for my sister.

And after they were finished and the seam was sewn, panic literally set in. I didn't think they would fit a small child, let alone my sister. But she proved me wrong. Here's a picture of the first pair. They are made from Malabrigo Lace 100% Baby Merino Wool in Verdes.

You don't have any idea how happy I am to see that they actually look like they are supposed to look on her arm. I also knitted a pair in Malabrigo that was shades of blue (can't remember the name right now) and the next pair will be black. My sisters only request is that I increase the sleeves by 4 more stitches on the upper arm. I'm hoping it won't be too big, but it shouldn't be.

While knitting the sleeves, I also knitted a few dish cloths and restarted the second sweater that was commissioned for a little girl she knows. Seeing as it is months late, I frogged it and went up one size.

I still have to take pictures of the dish cloths. I also have to make batches of peach jam tomorrow. I'm hoping the peaches I bought are still okay to use. It's been about a week since I got them, but something always seems to get in the way of my making them (like being exhausted when I get home).

So tomorrow, my goal is to take pictures of the recently finished cloths and make the jam. Piece of cake! (yeah, right...)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy September

Another 2 months and we are heading into fall. Here's an update on what's going on:


I've done a few dishcloths and two pairs of sleeves for my sister.

I'm not too sure about these sleeves. I followed the pattern and checked the gauge and they just seem so small, but she's a skinny thing and hopefully they will work. There is a lot of give in them. They are made from a very light weight merino. I'll post pictures in the next post.

I've been thinking about all of the patterns I've acquired throughout the years. I'm thinking that I need to stop acquiring and start making them. So I think I'll start working my way through the patterns I've saved on my computer. Just do down the list and do them. I'll have to figure out a way to list them on the blog and cross them off as they are done. It will be a big task, but what's the point of keeping the patterns if you're not going to make them?


I'm still on the prednisone, once I hit 10mg in the tapering process I started having flare up symptoms and called the doctor. He put me back up to 20mg and had me begin tapering off at 2.5mg per week. I'm going down to 7.5mg tomorrow. I started my Humira injections on August 15th. I went to my doctors office to learn how to self-inject and had my initial 4 injections. Two in my tummy and one in each thigh. I decided then and there that I would have all future self-injections into my tummy. The thighs hurt way more than the tummy shots. There was hardly anything injecting into the tummy. (Hopefully I haven't grossed anyone out with the injection story.)

Anyway, I don't know if it was because it was a mega-dose or what, but I felt better in that first week and my symptoms have drastically changed for the better since being on the Humira. I gave myself the next set of injections this past Friday and have had none of the complications assocated that could possibly come up with the injections. So far I am very happy with the Humira and hope it will continue when I'm taken off of the pills (which will hopefully be very soon).

Well I guess that's it for now. I'll have to get out the camera and take some photos of the dishcloths I've done and my sisters arm sleeves. Right now I need to get out and do some chores for the day in the barn.