Tuesday, September 14, 2010


While sitting in the midst of my desk/craft area I had a little brainstorm and have decided to reorganize some things. So I'm off to rearrange, organize and hopefully make some sense out of this:


From the Snuggy on the chair to the machine that's buried, things have gotten a wee bit out of hand. Okay, okay, it's pitiful!! Maybe that's why I've been crocheting or knitting lately. I don't have to face this then.

I have about 36 square feet to work in (not counting storage in closets. Way down from what I'd like but it is what it is right now and will definitely do.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still working on...

the afghan for my mom. She already knows she's getting something and that it will be a belated gift, but she doesn't know what it is. I didn't think the leaves and flowers would take so long. But considering I haven't been able to work on it 24/7 that's what has happened. So, I'm moving along, I've got 44 flowers done, all of the leaves and I still have to do the last panel. Then I'll be attaching all 120 of the flowers and leaves. Whew!