Monday, December 24, 2007

George's Sweater Is Done!

The sweater I was knitting for my sister as a gift to George (who is a girl by the way) is done. The skull was done using a duplicate stitch. I wasn't really thrilled with it to the point that I ripped it out 3 times before I accepted the final. I have a feeling the next two will be better. She wanted two originally and has now "commissioned" a third.

This was my very first sweater of any size and I'm just happy to have gotten through it without having any major disasters. Now on to the next one!

Happy holidays to everyone!


  1. it's very nice. I esp like the pink bow.

  2. That is amazing! I absolutely love it, it is so cute! I still don't have the patience or coordination to knit anything more than scarves and blankets. But I am now inspired to try something a little more challenging...