Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July !?! Update

It's already July, half the year is gone!

Oh well, here's what's happening. In my continuing bouts with my Crohn's, I am on round three (or is it four) with prednisone. I waver between calling it a blessing and evil. Because it's really both. It gets rid of the inflammation and makes me feel human again, but at the same time it has a laundry list of evil side effects. My nickname when I'm on it is "Rex" after the hamster in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels because of the moon face I get from the bloating.

The latest is that as the current group of drugs I'm on aren't doing what they should so I will need to move up a level to "biologicals" which involve self-administered injections. Only they have their own laundry list of side effects and bad things. Today I have an appointment with my neurologist to review the three (yes, three) MRI's I had on Saturday to determine if there is any MS lurking in my system. As my sister has been diagnosed with it and now a half-sister also possibly has it they want to make sure I don't have any underlying as the new regimen of drugs could "bring it out" if I do. The thought that crossed my mind whenI heard my gastro say that was "lovely". But I'm thinking positive and we'll go from there.

I've added a link to my sidebar if anyone would like to learn more about Crohn's because they are curious, knows someone with it or may have symptoms and aren't sure what they are. It seems to be showing up in more people lately and I can't help but think it's tied to the crap we've been fed by food scientists for decades now.


Now on to crafting. I'm currently working on knitted sleeves for my sister. They are being knit in sport weight merino on size 9 needles and are very lightweight and airy, but talk about taking a lot of stitches to get somewhere. I'll post pictures if when they are done.

I've also been going through my crafting books (mainly quilting) and boy am I getting excited about quilting again. I have a few tops that are already pieced and just need to be quilted, so I'll probably start with those.

On the crochet front, I found a link through a dishcloth group I'm in for Crochet by Numbers you really have to check this site out. I sent him a picture and he has turned it into a pattern for me. I'm doing the test pattern right now to learn the techniques and then I'll probably do another before I tackle the picture. I'm thinking Christmas present if it works out. It is really amazing and if you crochet, I really suggest you check out the site.

Well I have to get running now. More later.

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