Friday, November 2, 2007

Going to see my Sissy tomorrow

Doing a million-kazillion things today in preparation for my trip to Los Angeles to see my little Sissy. She was recently in the hospital and is back home recovering. I was originally going out to help her recover from a hysterectomy because of fibroids, but she had an episode with her MS that preceded that so I'm still heading out.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her and a couple of friends. My main focus will be on getting her back on her feet and working out some other things. I'll be taking knitting with me as I have lay-overs (can't get the cheap tickets without lay-overs, but that's cool) Just have to figure out what knitting. As it is I'm taking about a dozen eggs, heritage garlic, homemade pickles, some locally made mustard and hot dogs for my God-sister Shon and if I get them made today, raspberry jam. I'd better get it made today or it's not happening. I'm hoping the raspberries are still okay. If not, then that's one less thing to do.

Did I mention laundry and packing? Nothing like leaving everything to the last Gotta move, lots of things to do.

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